Transmission Repair Tucson: 5 Signs That Your Transmission Needs Professional Attention

Transmission Repair Tucson

Automotive Recalibration Center provides professional transmission repair in Tucson AZ. Please contact us if you are experiencing any of the following problems.

Transmission problems can make your vehicle run poorly. But, more than that, if the problem isn’t corrected, it can lead to your transmission failing completely leaving you stranded on the road and without a means of transportation.

5 problem signs that you need transmission repair

1. Your Check Engine Light is On
The check engine light is quite often the first indicator that something in your vehicle’s engine needs maintenance. Although it can indicate a number of various problems, the check engine light is designed to warn you of trouble before a problem becomes so bad as to adversely affect your vehicle.

The check engine light combines various sensors located throughout your vehicle’s engine that alert you to some sort of malfunction or irregularity in the engine’s performance. In the case of transmissions, these early warning lights may be signaling improper vibrations or other problems which cannot be readily seen or felt. Ignoring your check engine light for an extended period of time can result in costly repairs down the road.

2. Leaking Fluid and Fluid Puddles
A transmission fluid leak is normally one of the first signs that there’s a problem. Fluid is essential to the proper operation of automatic transmissions and, if you have transmission fluid puddles in your driveway then you know it’s time to have it looked at. Transmission fluid is clear with a tinge of candy-apple red coloring.

Check your transmission fluid to make sure that it isn’t low, or dark colored which can indicate that it’s burnt. If your fluid is low then you should consult with a professional mechanic in order to determine if any repairs are needed. Since your transmission is a closed system and doesn’t burn fluid, if it is dark and smells like it’s been burning, it’s time for transmission repair.

3. Odd Sounds
Although each car can have its own unique sounds, after driving around in yours for awhile you may start to pick up on different noises it begins to make which can indicate a problem. Your automatic transmission may need servicing if it starts making a strange humming, whining or buzzing sound. Manual transmissions have more parts that can be affected by a problem so the sounds coming from them are normally more mechanical in nature.

Soft sounds are indicators that there may be a growing transmission problem. However, if the sounds turn into clunks and grinds then it should be serviced immediately or you could find yourself stranded. Such clunking sounds could be coming from other problems like a bad differential or CV joint, but having it checked out is a high priority regardless.

4. Shimmies and Shakes
When a transmission is working properly, it shifts into the next gear almost effortlessly. You simply move along without needing to pay attention to the process. However, when things begin to go wrong in a transmission, those effortless shifts start to act funny.

Automatic transmission problems may produce a shimmy when gears are changed, or it could produce a jarring sensation. Either one of these feelings are a sign of transmission problems. In such a case, you should have your automatic transmission checked and serviced.

5. Poor Response
Transmissions are designed so that they flow smoothly from one gear into the next. Therefore, if your transmission has difficulty switching gears then it is a sure sign of a problem and the need for transmission repair.

Many times when there is a transmission problem, the engine will rev up after changing gears without any movement by the automobile during this brief time. This could be due to either a shifting problem, or something going wrong in the clutch mechanism. Also, shift linkage problems can cause the stick to pop into neutral position in a manual transmission, revealing a need to have the linkage adjusted. Automatic transmissions will give you problems when you are trying to shift into Drive or Park.

If any of these problems are interrupting the smooth operation of your vehicle, contact Automotive Recalibration Center for expert diagnosis and transmission repair in Tucson AZ.