Listening for the Sounds of Auto Troubles

When you put miles behind the wheel of your car, you are sure to become familiar with the typical sounds and sensations that are associated with your specific vehicle. In the event that you start to hear noises that are out of the ordinary, this is a signal that you need to bring your car in for automotive repair and diagnostic services. Paying attention to the sounds that your car makes will help you become a smarter and safer driver. Here is an overview of some of the common sounds of auto troubles.

Sharp Squealing

There are several common causes of sharp squealing sounds in cars. When your car’s brake pads wear down, they are designed to make a high-pitched squealing noise. This sound is an indication that your brake pads need to be changed right away. If you are hearing sounds every time you step on the brake pedal, do not wait to schedule brake services.

Grinding or Grating

Your car’s transmission should be able to shift smoothly and evenly in and out of gear. If you have started to hear grinding or grating noises as your car shifts into a near gear, this is a symptom of a serious transmission problem. Your mechanic can adjust your car’s shifting so that your gears are not grinding together.

Knocking Noises

Some unusual car noises may come from the underside of your vehicle. When your CV joint is acting up, you may start to hear unusual knocking noises whenever you turn the steering wheel. Your mechanic can replace or adjust the CV joint so that the knocking noise goes away.

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