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Make Sure Your Car’s A/C Is Ready for the Summer Heat

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Summer is almost here, and that means that your vehicle’s A/C will be very important. Ensure that your vehicle’s A/C is in good working order by maintaining regular tune-ups and looking for warning signs. Read on to see how to ready your vehicle’s A/C for the summer heat.

Look for Warning Signs

The most obvious warning sign your A/C is in trouble is when it stops emitting cool air. Other signs of a failing A/C can include a buildup of moisture or dampness in your vehicle, ice on your compressor, and a grinding noise when you turn on your A/C. If any of these signs occur, then have your vehicle inspected right away.

Look out for Leaks

The most obvious way to check if your car’s A/C is leaking is to have your automotive repair shop test the unit. A technician will fill up the unit with refrigerant and pressurize the system. The leaks can usually be spotted with enough pressure, but the technician may add an ultraviolet dye to find smaller leaks. If you are unsure if your vehicle has an A/C leak, then pay attention to the level of cool air coming through the vents. If the air is significantly warmer, then it is likely that you are low on refrigerant from a leak.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Tucson summers put a lot of strain on your vehicle’s A/C. Even new cars should be serviced and tuned-up at least once a year to ensure all parts are in good shape. The best way to prepare your vehicle’s A/C for summer is to have the A/C serviced at your local automotive repair shop. The technicians will test the pressure in the system and check the output temperature. If there is a problem, then it can be fixed well before your A/C is in danger of failing.

Trust your vehicle’s A/C with the expert technicians of Automotive Recalibration. We can help you prepare for summer, so you and the entire family can stay cool. Please call us at (520) 747-9229 to schedule your A/C service.

Should You Replace Your Water Pump?

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Water pumps are an integral part of your vehicle’s cooling system. If your water pump breaks, then you may end up with more repairs and problems with your entire engine. It is necessary to have your water pump and engine cooling system inspected regularly. Let’s look at the common reasons you may require a new water pump.

Your coolant leaks.

If you notice coolant leaking, then your vehicle should be inspected by a repair technician soon. Coolant leaks can signify a problem with your radiator, nearby hoses, or the water pump. Some leaks may involve a minor part replacement, but other leaks can lead to significant damages to your vehicle’s engine. When your vehicle leaks coolant, then it can overheat the engine and cause warping and damage to other areas. Always have coolant leaks inspected and fixed to ensure your water pump and radiator do not cause problems elsewhere.

Your vehicle overheats.

An overheating engine is a clear sign that your engine’s cooling system has a problem. The water pump is responsible for moving the coolant throughout the system. This process keeps your engine at a steady temperature. If your engine is overheating, then the water pump is not pushing coolant through or there is no coolant for the pump to push. Both of these scenarios are signs that your water pump may need to be replaced. If your vehicle overheats, then have it inspected right away.

Your vehicle requires repairs.

Another common reason to replace a water pump occurs when your vehicle is already undergoing extensive repairs. Replacing water pumps usually requires auto technicians to remove several components of an engine and several hours of labor. If your vehicle is already in need of labor-intensive repairs, then your mechanic may recommend replacing the water pump to save you on future labor costs and time.

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