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What Does Your Engine Oil Do?

Friday, February 24th, 2017

Changing your engine oil is one of the most essential procedures that you can perform for your vehicle. When you bring your car in to the automotive repair facility for an oil change, you may want to ask your mechanic about what type of engine oil is the right fit for your vehicle. Since engine oil plays various roles under the hood of your car, you will want to choose a product that is specifically suited for your needs. Read on for a look at what engine oil does in your vehicle.

Lubricates Moving Parts

Engine oil is a slippery substance that is primarily designed for lubrication. Within your engine, you will find various metal components that are constantly rubbing against one another while your vehicle is in motion. The presence of motor oil lubricates these parts, thereby reducing friction and overall wear.

Cools Down the Engine

When you take the time to change your engine oil, you can also rest assured that your engine’s parts are protected from overheating. Heat is a natural byproduct of friction, and an absence of motor oil can create significant friction-related heat. Taking the time to change your motor oil will help you keep your engine cool as you drive down the road.

Cleans Away Dirt and Debris

Another important role of engine oil is that of a cleaner. While your engine is in operation, it will generate tiny metal shards, dirt, and other forms of debris. These particles will enter the motor oil, where they can be cleaned away during the next oil change. If you neglect to change your motor oil, you may find that your engine becomes clogged and dirty.

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Why Your Transmission Is So Important

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Of all of the internal systems of your vehicle, your transmission is arguably one of the most important components. Without a properly functioning transmission, your car would not be able to travel forwards down the road. A team of automotive repair specialists will be able to fix any problems that may arise in your transmission over the years. Let’s take a quick look at the important role that your transmission plays in your car’s driving ability.

Your Transmission Allows Your Car to Gain Speed

One of the primary functions of the transmission is to allow your car to gain speed as it is travelling down the asphalt. When you step on the accelerator, your automatic transmission will adjust your transmission’s gear ratios as needed to provide you with the perfect combination of speed and power. Without the ability to shift gears, your engine’s speed would be very limited.

Your Transmission Provides Power

As you are driving up a steep incline, you may find that you need to shift your car into a lower gear. The lower gears of your transmission provide additional power, which is needed to drive up a steep hill. Using your transmission wisely, you can ensure that you are able to easily drive up and down various types of terrain.

Your Car May Break Down Without a Transmission

Unlike other mechanical issues, which can be repaired at a later date, transmission problems require immediate attention. If your transmission suddenly goes out, you may find that your car is stranded on the side of the road. To keep your car driving smoothly, be sure to set up transmission repair right away.

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