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Your Guide to Choosing an Auto Mechanic

Monday, July 20th, 2015

When you need car repairs, you want to visit someone you can trust. Choosing the right auto mechanic means selecting a repair specialist that will treat you and your vehicle with respect. Keep reading to learn more about the traits you should look for the next time you require auto maintenance or repair.

Seek Recommendations

Asking friends, family, or coworkers for recommendations is a good first step when choosing an auto mechanic. Talking to someone you trust about the service they received can give you a better idea of how to find a repair shop you like. Local online review sites are also a great resource that allows you to read about others’ experiences at the repair shops you are considering.

Mechanic smiling at the camera holding tool

Look for Qualifications
You want your auto mechanic to have the knowledge and resources it takes to care for your vehicle properly, as well as a high value for the quality of customer service he provides. Check online or ask to see your mechanic’s certifications and any awards he may have received to better determine his level of skill. Other certifications or associations you may want to look for include Better Business Bureau accreditation and membership in your local chamber of commerce.

Try Out Maintenance

One of the best ways to determine whether you are satisfied with a new auto mechanic’s service is to give him a try. Schedule your vehicle for a routine maintenance visit and evaluate your experience to determine whether you feel that you are respected and given the level of information and service you want. If you are satisfied with your mechanic’s ability to maintain your vehicle, you’ll feel more confident returning for bigger or more immediate repairs.

At Automotive Recalibration Center, we are here to help you with regular vehicle maintenance and repairs to keep your car on the road. We invite you to check us out online to find out more about our dedication to auto repair excellence in Tucson, or give us a call at (520) 433-4147 to discuss your auto repair needs.

A Look at Some Common Transmission Problems

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Your transmission converts power from your engine into motion of the wheels to propel your car forward. As one of the most integral components of your car’s drivetrain, it’s imperative to keep your transmission in good shape. If you spot the signs of transmission trouble, contact your Tucson automotive mechanic promptly to prevent further problems that could affect your car’s function and control.

Low Fluid Levels

Transmission fluid keeps the components of your transmission lubricated for smooth function. When the fluid is too low, it cannot perform this function adequately, causing your transmission to wear down prematurely. Low fluid levels are typically caused by leaks in the system that allow fluid to escape; if your fluid is consistently low or you notice slow shifting or gear slippage while driving, ask your auto mechanic to check the transmission for leaks that may need repair.

Mechanic looking at a car engine

Jammed Clutch

A jammed clutch can affect the amount of transmission fluid transferred to various parts of your transmission, causing it to lose efficiency or malfunction. If your clutch jams, you’ll likely notice a sharp drop in engine output and shaking of the chassis while you drive. Clutch problems can also mimic the symptoms of low fluid levels, as a jammed clutch may cause too little fluid to reach other parts of your transmission.

Worn Torque Converter

Torque converters are found inside vehicles with automatic transmissions. These components increase and decrease the torque delivered to the wheels from the engine. If the needle bearings on the torque converter become worn or damaged, you may hear grinding or brushing sounds while your car is in motion. Your auto repair specialist can easily diagnose this problem and perform any necessary repairs to prevent further transmission damage.

Are you having transmission troubles in Tucson? Automotive Recalibration Center can have you back on the road quickly and safely with our comprehensive auto repair services. You can find out more about us and how we can keep your personal vehicle or entire fleet running smoothly by calling (520) 433-4147 or clicking through our website.