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Do You Know What the Warning Lights on Your Dash Indicate?

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Dashboard warning lights are important indicators that keep you updated about the status of your car. However, these warning lights can be unclear or difficult to interpret if you don’t understand what they mean. If you see a dashboard warning light you can’t decipher, your Tucson auto repair shop can help you determine the reason for the light and make the necessary repairs.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Your car’s engine requires an adequate amount of clean oil to function properly. The oil pressure warning light on your dashboard is designed to look like a small oil can with a drop of oil pouring from the spout. This light will illuminate when the oil level in your engine is too low. When the oil pressure warning light turns on, you should stop driving and check your oil levels; contact your automotive mechanic for an oil change if the level is not correct.

Brake System Warning Light

The brake system warning light appears as an exclamation point inside a circle, flanked by a curved line on either side. This light may illuminate for two reasons. First, you’ll see the brake system warning light if you’ve left the parking or hand brake on while driving. Second, the brake system warning light can indicate that your brake fluid level is low. Contact your repair shop to check and replace your brake fluid if this light illuminates when the parking brake is not on.

Engine Warning Light

The engine warning light indicates that there is a problem with your car’s engine management system. This light looks like a small engine block and may illuminate at any time. Because the engine warning light can indicate any number of issues, it’s best to stop your car immediately and contact your auto mechanic for help.

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What Is Involved in Fleet Maintenance?

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Fleet maintenance can help you save money by keeping your company or organization’s vehicles on the road and problem-free. By ensuring all your vehicles are in great repair, you’ll save money by avoiding breakdowns and maximizing fuel economy. Whether you have a large or small fleet of vehicles to maintain, Automotive Recalibration Center can help you keep your vehicles operating safely and efficiently.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an important aspect of keeping any automobile on the road. By performing regularly-scheduled preventive maintenance tasks, your auto mechanic can help you keep every vehicle in your fleet operating at peak efficiency. Regular tune-ups, oil changes, and replacement of worn parts will also prevent major breakdowns that could stop one or more vehicles until repairs can be made, causing you to lose time and money. As part of your preventive maintenance program, your auto mechanic will help you devise the best schedule on which to have your vehicles inspected and tuned up. Drawing up a schedule for all your preventive maintenance needs and sticking to it is the best way to avoid costly and extensive repairs.

Safety Checks

Another important aspect of your fleet maintenance plan is regular safety checks. As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your employees and any clients who may be transported in your vehicles. Every time a vehicle in your fleet is maintained or repaired, it will be inspected and road tested by your mechanic to ensure every system is functioning properly. Having your fleet checked and tested regularly will ensure employees and customers are safe while using any vehicle in your fleet.

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