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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Running in the Summertime

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Tucson summers are typically very hot and very dry—two factors that can affect your car’s immediate performance and overall longevity. Proper summertime maintenance will ensure your vehicle remains problem-free throughout the summer months. If you experience problems with your car, contact Automotive Recalibration Center of Tucson for fast, effective repairs that will get you back on the road in no time.

Address Air Conditioner Leaks

Your car’s air conditioner uses a liquid refrigerant to create cool air for a comfortable interior. The main cause of automotive air conditioning problems is a leak in the refrigerant line. Simply replacing lost refrigerant with more won’t solve the underlying problem, leaving you at risk for air conditioning problems in the future. Have an automotive repair expert take a look at your air conditioning system and repair any leaks to keep your A/C cool all summer long.

Clean Your Battery Terminals

Ambient heat can affect the way your car’s battery functions. The most common side effect of summertime heat on your battery is corrosion on the terminals, which affect battery performance and could even leave you with a car that won’t start. Disconnect and clean your car battery’s terminals regularly to prevent corrosion buildup. If you are experiencing battery problems, have your mechanic check it to diagnose and address any issues.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

As monsoon season nears, you should check the state of your windshield wipers. Wiper blades can be damaged by sun and heat, making them less effective at keeping your windshield clear during a downpour. You can replace your wipers easily on your own; for the best performance, most mechanics recommend replacing the entire wiper, rather than just the rubber blade.

Automotive Recalibration Center is here to help you maintain your car all summer long. We offer comprehensive automotive repairs while you wait with free WiFi in our office for your convenience. If you’re ready to learn more about maintaining your vehicle in Tucson this summer, visit our website or call (520) 433-4147.

Common Causes of Windshield Chips

Saturday, July 5th, 2014

Windshield chips are a common occurrence usually caused by small rocks or other flying debris on the road. Such chips not only mar the appearance of your car, they can cause visibility issues that affect your ability to drive safely as well. While some windshield repairs can be made on your own, larger chips should be checked and repaired by an automotive specialist.


Rocks are by far the most common cause of windshield chips. You may encounter airborne rocks while driving if they are stirred up by the vehicle in front of you and sent into the air. Larger trucks and construction vehicles are more likely to kick up rocks and send them toward your windshield than smaller cars, so avoid following these vehicles whenever possible. Additionally, dump trucks and construction vehicles may be loaded with rocks that can come loose and strike your windshield, causing chips.

Other Road Debris

Rocks aren’t the only type of debris that on the road. Roadways or other vehicles may contain small, hard objects that can chip your windshield if it strikes while you are driving. Take care when driving on roads with a large amount of litter or when following vehicles carrying large or poorly-secured loads.


Storms are another common cause of windshield chips. The winds associated with a storm can pick up large or small objects and send them flying toward your car. Hail damage may also occur during particularly violent or intense storms. Avoid driving in poor weather, which can limit visibility and cause hazardous conditions in addition to raising your risk for windshield chips. Park your car in a garage or covered location to minimize the chances that it will be struck by hail or other airborne debris during a storm.

Do you need windshield repairs or any other type of vehicle repair in Tucson? Call Automotive Recalibration Center today at (520) 433-4147 to schedule your auto repairs with us. We also offer fleet maintenance for all your business needs—just stop by our website to learn more!