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The Enduring Mystery of the Check Engine Light

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

A running joke on television’s The Big Bang Theory is the fact Penny’s Check Engine light has been on for years and she obviously has no intention (or money) to do anything about it.

Contrary to popular belief, that light doesn’t mean the end of your vehicle. It could be indicating something as minor as a faulty gas cap. Still, it shouldn’t be ignored. The Check Engine light is your car’s way of letting you know something’s wrong. It makes sense to head to a mechanic to see what’s going on. You would hate to find out later the light was warning you about a costly problem that could’ve been avoided. But before you make that move, there may be a few things you can do yourself.

Check the oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor monitors burning fuel. When it’s not working, the computer can’t read data efficiently. This could cause a decrease in gas mileage. This can happen when the sensor is covered in oil ash and could lead to a busted catalytic convertor. Check the manual. The sensor’s easily unclipped and replaced.

Look at the gas cap. Loose or cracked gas caps can throw the fuel system off leading to reduction in gas mileage and an increase in emissions. See if there are any cracks in the cap and make sure it fully tightens. It can be replaced for a few dollars.

Replace wires and spark plugs. Though they can fail at any time, on the average post-1996 vehicle, these should be replaced every 100,000 miles. It’s a fairly simple process, often done in the auto parts parking lot.

There are plenty of other reasons the Check Engine light may come on but these are some common ones that can be dealt with quickly. If you have done a basic check of the vehicle – or don’t know what that entails – it might be best to get your car over to a service like the Tucson auto repair specialists at Automotive Recalibration. The bottom line is that the Check Engine light is serious business and, if not dealt with promptly, can lead to expensive problems that you don’t want.

The Secrets to Great Fleet Maintenance

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Many companies have collections of vehicles known as fleets. As a business owner, you must look after this fleet every day. Fleet maintenance is the best way to avoid expensive fees and repairs. Sometimes, you need outside help in the form of a mechanic who does inspections and repairs. To maintain the integrity of your business, seek out high-quality fleet maintenance services.

Great fleet maintenance involves paying close attention to detail. Every vehicle has a life cycle, especially if it is used by co-workers. As the overseer of a fleet, make sure that each car is treated with care. Getting the car inspected regularly is necessary to slow the depreciation cycle. Only a professional knows what to do when it comes to fleet maintenance.

Maintaining fleet vehicles is necessary to protect your company’s assets. There are different maintenance services available to keep the car working like new. Replace fluids that can dry up easily and increase the difficulty of handling. Also, replace the filters which manage the fluids that stream through the car. A filthy filter will make you work harder at driving and consume more fuel.

Tires hold the entire weight of the car and require a good amount of maintenance. If you do not want to pay for new tires, get them rotated every year or so. Driving with improperly maintained tires is guaranteed to cause accidents on rural roads, highways and many other places. The worse the roads are, the harder it is to control the car. Every fleet owner should protect investments that cost thousands of dollars. Every car owner should get the yearly checkup that takes only half an hour to complete.

When you look for the right fleet maintenance mechanic, look for the best qualities. Check the professional’s credentials, years of experience, satisfied customer list and work environment. Automotive Recalibration experts have all of these qualities and more. They provide full automotive services that include oil changes, fluid refills and thorough inspections to check for major problems. Rely on the Tucson auto repair professionals at Automotive Recalibration if you want to continue using the same fleet vehicles for many years.