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How to Know When It’s Time For New Brakes

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Properly maintained car brakes are critical for safe driving, but they are often overlooked even if the vehicle starts feeling different than normal. Most cars are outfitted with discs and brake pads. As you press on the brake pedal, a pair of calipers with brake pads grips the wheel disc and slows the car down to a stop. These pads slowly break down over time, requiring replacement. Several signs tell you when it is time for new brakes.


Wear indicators on the pads generate a high pitch squeal each time you press on the brake pedal. There is no damage to your brakes when the indicators activate, but you need to replace the pads soon before any damage can occur.


You have already damaged your brake discs if a grinding noise occurs. There is no longer any indicators on the pads and the disc is being scraped and permanently damaged by the calipers. You may have a big repair ahead of you to resurface the discs and replace the pads.

Observe The Pad

Take a look at the pads through the tires or when the vehicle has a tire rotation. The pads should be at least one-quarter of an inch thick. Pads thinner than this specification should be replaced as soon as possible.

Brake Dust

If you happily observe that your wheels are staying cleaner longer, it is time to inspect and possibly replace the pads. Accumulating brake dust on the wheels shows that the pads have material to wear down. Clean wheels indicates no pad wearing and possible damage to the discs.

Lack Of Response

Your car should immediately respond when you press the brake pedal. If you must push the pedal down farther than normal, check your brake pads. They may be so low that they barely touch the disc itself. Your brake fluid could be low as well, forcing you to press the pedal almost to the floor to engage.

Car brakes should be inspected every 3 to 6 months, depending on your driving pattern. Be aware of your car’s normal feel and replace pads on-time to avoid costly repairs.

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Do You Trust Your Mechanic?

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Why is it important that you trust your auto mechanic? A good mechanic will help to keep your car running smoothly and safely for many years. A car that is given the right care can last for 10 years or longer. But if your mechanic does not have your best interests in mind, then you may be spending a lot of money for the wrong kind of service. Here are some ways that you can use to determine whether or not your mechanic can be trusted.

Ask Around

Organizations such as Automotive Recalibration get referrals because they have solid reputations in their areas. Before you go to a mechanic, ask your friends and family members what they think of the shop and get some different opinions. You can also do a search on the Internet to see if there are any disgruntled customers who have taken the time to post complaints online. The Better Business Bureau website is also a good place to check on the reputation of a local auto mechanic.

Shop Affiliations

When you go to a reputable auto mechanic shop, you will see affiliation stickers in the shop windows. There is a long list of affiliations that a mechanic’s shop can have and they are all worth looking into. But you may want to be a little careful with affiliation, because stickers can be misleading. The website for each affiliated organization will let you know if that mechanic shop is certified or not.

An affiliation with a professional organization means that the mechanics who work for the shop have taken the time to learn the standards and ethics of those organizations. Affiliations tell the consumer that the mechanic’s shop subscribes to proven methods and has a strong sense of customer satisfaction.

Ask About Your Issue

Reputable mechanics cannot wait to show customers what kinds of problems their cars are having. If your mechanic does not offer to show you the problem, then ask to see what is going on. If the mechanic shows you the issue and answers all of your questions, then you have found a reputable shop.

You can save yourself a great deal of money and aggravation by taking the time to determine whether or not you can trust your mechanic. Your car is important to you, so make sure you trust the person who is working on it. When you need work done on your car, trust Automotive Recalibration, your trusted Tucson mechanics today.